Marina On lake Muskoka

Customer Testimonials

reassured… We’d like to express our sincere thanks all the staff at Indianhead. Whip and the gang have always taken care of our boats and it’s reassuring that when the fall and ultimately old man winter comes, we know our boats will be serviced and put away with care. John M.

Old fashioned service…  While putting my boat in the water this spring I discovered I had lost one of my frost plugs. I arrived at the marina on a sunday hoping that you were open and may have the part. To my delight you were open and your mechanic was most helpful which is why I’m writing you this note. Rather than bothering to look up the part number and price for this simple item he said “here I have a box of old ones if you think that’ll do?” Well, it did do and I truly appreciated this kind of old-fashioned service. Robert.