Spring Is On The Way

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Yes the mercury is on the right side of “0” today, so it won’t be long now. We are already gearing up to be ready for some high water this year and to our storage customers, rest assured that you boats safety is our primary concern! Won’t it be nice to feel the warmth on your face while cruising this …

adminSpring Is On The Way

Snowmobiler’s Paradise

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The ice is now over 3 feet thick pretty much all over the lake and those with a sled could’nt be happier.

adminSnowmobiler’s Paradise

The Snow Won’t Stop! But Your Boats Are Fine

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Well the snow keeps piling up but we wanted to let everyone know that at Indianhead all is good! We have had to clear off several of the roofs but that is just part of the job. We look forward to spring but hope that we don’t see flooding like we did last year.

adminThe Snow Won’t Stop! But Your Boats Are Fine

Blakey plays pond hockey in Muskoka

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What could be better than pond hockey on Lake Muskoka! Mark Matt and Luke led Blakey and the other desciples to several victories at the annual pond tournamet on Muskoka Wharf this weekend.

adminBlakey plays pond hockey in Muskoka

Just How Much Snow Do We Have In Muskoka?

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We at this point we don’t have an accurate number on just how much snow we got this year but we don’t remember the snowbanks being this high. according to the MNR if you meted it all down it would equate to about 6 inches of water which is about 30% more than normal and winter is not over yet. …

adminJust How Much Snow Do We Have In Muskoka?